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Project Cargo

solution BMC Logistics

At BMC Logistic, our experienced field staff use state of the art machineries and proper tools to lift heavy equipment / cargo from or to a designated point.

There are nothing impossible within our reach to perform heavy lifting / project cargo.

Consult to our professional field expert to find the best rate, service and solutions for your heavy lift cargo shipments.

Features At The Project Cargo BMC Logistic

Strong source for specialist equipment and services for oversized and overweight cargo, including heavy lift cranes, specialist heavy haulage trucks/trailers and specially design ISO containers for easy loading/unloading to container vessels, highly trained export packing experts and stevedores.

Facility At The Project Cargo BMC Logistic

  • Connection
    Web based connection for onboarding client and management, with mobile access via the internet network.
  • Management
    A Multi-mode work creation and convenience of transportation vendor and cargo company designation appointing.
  • Tracking
    Periodic documentation, real-time investigation / tracking, conclusive Proof Of Delivery.
success story BMC Logistics
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Solution from BMC Logistics has provided new avenues and hopes for operations for various types of business for our clients. Please if you want to hear various solution stories based on our experience, you can contact our sales team at:

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