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Tips for Choosing a Reliable Logistics Company in Indonesia

Tips for Choosing a Reliable Logistics Company in Indonesia

February 11 - 2019

Tips for Choosing a Reliable Logistics Company in Indonesia - Logistics service providers are companies that provide paid transportation and warehousing. Logistics Service Provider is an institution that provides goods shipping services from the place of origin of goods to their destination, and goods storage services (warehousing). The origin of the goods can come from producers, suppliers or suppliers, while the destination can be consumers, suppliers, or producers.

Logistics service providers have an important role in facilitating supply chain integration, even in some cases being able to manage supply chains. By using a logistics service provider, the company hopes to be able to improve the quality of its services, such as shipping and its reliability quality. The long-term goal of using a logistics service provider is to create a superior business performance in the service and be more trusted in the eyes of its customers.

Logistics service providers as a logistics service liaison that includes partnerships, third party agreements and integrated service agreements. LSPs help organizations to concentrate on core activities and thus make lower costs and better customer service. However, to achieve this, one must have the right mechanism to measure, monitor and control service quality.

Here are some Easy Tips for Choosing Trusted Logistics Services in Indonesia

1. Duration of Delivery Time

In choosing a logistics service company, choose a company that has regional expeditions that are evenly distributed. In this case, the branch office or subsidiary owned by the company has points that are spread out items or products spread evenly to all corners of Indonesia. So that shipping logistics does not experience delays and makes it easy for consumers to receive your goods or products, so that your business will be more trusted in the eyes of existing customers, especially in Indonesia. For example: For example, when he decided to use sea cargo services that took a long time, he must have been based on certain considerations. It could have been calculated, there would be no problem if the logistics arrived in so many days. Of course with notes, the items arrive on time.

2. Services

Logistics delivery services generally provide services that are not much different. Normally there are regular packages or express packages. But there are other things that are just as important as package services and the modes of transportation offered. This is how the expedition treats customers and their shipments. Every customer wants a friendly and responsive service. In addition, in choosing a trusted logistics service, also pay attention to whether the service provides a shuttle service from the place of origin of the goods to the point of delivery.

3. Warranty

Of course no one wants the item he sent to be defective during shipping or even lost. It's just that the worst risk must still be considered. It's a matter of credibility and responsibility for a shipping service. If the item is defective or lost, how will the service account for it. The responsibility of the expedition service will be indicated in the form of a warranty. Check whether the warranty is provided by a shipping service if the item is damaged or lost on the way.

4. Prices or Shipping Rates

Logistics services offered by logistics companies make it easy to develop medium-sized businesses down. To send goods or products shipping services have a variety of price variants, including the average price calculated from the weight of the goods and distance traveled. The heavier the goods to be sent make the price higher and the further the distance the shipping destination also affects the price of the service. Everyone likes the lowest prices, especially when it comes to business. Price competition clearly cannot be ignored in every business field, including in Logistics Services business. If you patiently compare the price of one service with another, you will be able to find expedition services that offer the lowest prices. Even so, make sure that the Logistics Services do have cheap and reliable service quality in Indonesia.

5. Specialization

Not all logistics shipping services have the same specialization. Some only provide local delivery services, some are between countries. There are those who serve shipping from various cities, some are only offering shipping from one particular city. There are those who serve shipping in small quantities, some are only serving shipments with a minimum amount. So you just choose according to your business needs.

From some tips for choosing a reliable logistics service

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