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About Via LCL Shipping Using BMC Logistics

About Via LCL Shipping Using BMC Logistics

February 11 - 2019

Shipping via LCL is a method of shipping goods on a large scale for both domestic and international shipping. Large scale shipments such as via LCL are not offered by many shipping companies.

Although currently the freight forwarding company has mushroomed, only large expedition service companies offer methods for shipping the goods.

Those of you who are usually involved in import or export companies are definitely familiar with this method of shipping via LCL. For those of you who aren't familiar, don't worry. We will provide complete information about what is shipping via LCL, as well as the benefits of each. Read more about the following.

LCL Shipping Via Container

LCL or Less Container Load is large-scale international shipping that uses one container for several senders. One container contains items from different senders.

Benefits of using shipping via this LCL or Less Container Load container are:

• LCL is a cheap expedition compared to FCL shipments

• No need to book a full container

• Using container container calculation

BMC Logistics as one of the logistics companies that have experienced for more than 45 years, continues to strive to become the mainstay Logistics for the people of Indonesia with services that are always continuously optimized and always increase from year to year.

Therefore, you should not choose the wrong logistics, BMC Logistics is the best choice for you.

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