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General Knowledge About Customs in Indonesia

General Knowledge About Customs in Indonesia

February 11 - 2019

Holidays abroad are usually incomplete if you don't shop. At least, you must be tempted to bring souvenirs for your family or favorite friends at home. However, do you know that there are customs regulations that must be obeyed if you want to bring goods abroad into Indonesia?

Before you are crazy about shopping abroad, you must know first about the definition of customs. Fees charged at the airport can be divided into 2 (two)

The first is import duty, which is the cost or tax imposed to enter goods into the destination country (in this case the import duty to Indonesia).

While export duty is a fee that is charged if you bring goods out of a country, aka export.

It turns out that the 2019 airport customs regulation has its own function.

If there are no airport customs regulations imposed on anyone who wants to carry goods in and out of Indonesia, there is certainly no restriction on the number of goods entering or leaving our country.

Just imagine, if there is no customs duty, it could be that the goods brought by people outside Indonesia have an excessive amount so that domestic stocks actually shrink dramatically. What is our loss, right?

So, don't be surprised if the customs officer at the airport will check your luggage in detail.

Basically, you have to remember that all new goods entering Indonesia are considered as imported goods and new goods coming out of Indonesia are considered as exported goods.

However, the latest 2019 airport customs regulations are actually not very cool. There is still a maximum value limit on the price of new goods that are not subject to customs tax.

There is a price limit for new luggage free of excise fees. The count of shopping items free of cost is a maximum of USD 75.00.

You must be prepared to be subject to customs tax if your shopping item has a price that exceeds this limit, yes.

Oh yes, besides being seen in terms of price, there are also limits on customs items related to the type of goods. For tobacco products such as cigarettes and cigar cigarettes, there are limits set to be brought into Indonesia.

You can only bring a maximum of 40 cigarettes, 10 cigar sticks, and 40 grams of tobacco. In addition, the limit for luggage in the form of alcoholic drinks is only 350 milliliters.

If you carry the above items in excessive quantities, your luggage can be threatened to be destroyed by Customs and Excise Officers.

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