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We are a highly trusted logistics company in a collaborative, directed and focused global supply chain ecosystem for all components, far and near, from the first kilometer to the last kilometer and anything in between.

The basic logistics principle of the world has always been active in changing over the past 100 years, efficient performance, utilization of digital documentation, and practicality of services are getting better. At BMC Logistics, we have been part of this evolution every step since 1974. As Pelindo III's official partner, we believe our experience makes a difference. At present our logistics services are more efficient and comprehensive than before. The method and modernization of services is always optimized continuously and always increases.

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BMC Logistics solutions exceed expectations and include harmonization of various modes such as air, rail, sea and road. Through continuous innovation, we become innovators in the supply chain to increase growth and reduce costs by using technology and data to increase visibility and learning in the entire ecosystem of the logistics world.

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